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Preferred Brands United Kingdom Limited -UK Taxation Strategy

This document sets out our policy and approach for conducting our UK tax affairs and applies to Preferred Brands UK Limited within the Preferred Brands Group. The publication of this strategy statement is regarded as satisfying the statutory obligation under Para 16(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016 for all companies.

Preferred Brands Group is a fully integrated manufacturer and marketer of all-natural, ready-to-eat Indian and Asian food products sold primarily under the Tasty Bite® brand.

Tasty Bite® brand’s portfolio includes a wide range of vegetarian offerings, including Indian/Asian entrees, spice and simmer meal kits, and organic rice and lentils. While the majority of sales are generated in the United States, Preferred Brands International and its subsidiaries also manufacture products that are sold through distributors such as Tree of life, CLF Distribution, and The Health Store.

We are committed to compliance with all applicable tax laws in the jurisdictions in which we do business.


Preferred Brands Group is committed to compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations in relation to UK taxation. Preferred Brands UK Limited is also committed to having a professional, transparent and honest working relationship with Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) in relation to UK taxation matters.

  1. Approach to Risk Management and Governance Arrangements in Relation to UK Taxation
    1. Ultimate responsibility for overseeing the tax strategy of the Group rests with the Board of Directors of the Corporation. Preferred Brands UK Limited’s tax strategy is consistent with the Group’s overall tax strategy. The Group’s overall tax strategy is consistent with its overall corporate strategy.
    2. Senior Management of the Group manages the day-to-day business and affairs of the Company, under the supervision of the Board of Directors of the Company.
    3. The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of the Corporation monitors the Group’s tax strategy and receives periodic updates relating to tax matters from the Group CFO

    Our Tax Policy, simply stated, is to ensure that we adopt clear and transparent compliance processes directed at collecting and paying all taxes relevant to our operations in all countries in which we operate in both a complete and timely manner.

  2. Level of Risk in Relation to UK Taxation
    1. As part of its overall decision making and risk assessment process in relation to tax initiatives, Preferred Brands UK Limited considers the Preferred Brands Group’s reputation, brand, corporate and social responsibilities as well as the applicable legal and fiduciary duties of officers, directors and employees of the Group.
    2. Preferred Brands UK Limited enters into transactions that it reasonably believes are bona fide and compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations. While each matter is assessed on its specific facts and circumstances, Preferred Brands UK Limited will generally not take a tax position in respect of a particular issue without reasonably believing that it is more likely than not that Preferred Brands UK Limited position would be successful if challenged by the UK tax authorities.
    3. The Group has an internal team of tax professionals reporting to the CFO, including a team of tax professionals located in the UK responsible for Preferred Brands UK Limited tax affairs. The UK based tax team is responsible for Preferred Brands UK Limited tax compliance obligations and for monitoring and addressing business or legislative developments that might impact Preferred Brands UK Limited tax obligations.
  3. Attitude towards Tax Planning
    1. Preferred Brands United Kingdom Limited is committed to meeting its legal and regulatory requirements in respect of UK taxes, including filing applicable tax returns and making required payments of tax when legally due.
    2. Processes relating to different taxes are regularly reviewed by the Group’s internal tax department in the context of any business or legislative developments or changes in the Group’s corporate/tax strategy.
    3. The tax consequences of material commercial transactions impacting Preferred Brands United Kingdom Limited are reviewed and considered by the Group’s internal tax department. External tax or legal advice might be sought where the anticipated tax result of a commercial transaction is considered to be unclear from UK legislation, or where the anticipated tax result is subject to varying interpretations.
    4. The Group has a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that applies to its employees, directors and officers around the world. The Code states that if someone becomes aware of anything that they believe may violate a law, regulation, the Code or another Group policy, the individual should report the violation or what the individual believes or suspects is a possible violation. Reporting channels include a confidential and anonymous hotline.
  4. Approach Toward Dealings with HMRC
    1. Preferred Brands United Kingdom Limited believes it has an established, professional, transparent and honest working relationship with HMRC and commits to making accurate disclosures in its filings, submissions and correspondence with HMRC in relation to UK tax matters. Including HMRC; conducting our interactions with transparency, honesty, and integrity.
    2. Preferred Brands United Kingdom Limited provides HMRC with timely responses to enquiries into its UK tax affairs and seeks to bring any matters under discussion with HMRC to conclusion as efficiently as possible.


At Tasty Bite, we believe that natural ingredients slow-simmered with robust spices are simply more delicious. While many companies discover their flavours in a science lab, we find great taste on local farms in our community. We’ve spent years developing a catalogue of real food and real seasoning for each of our delectable products. Our conclusion?

If it isn’t natural, it isn’t Tasty Bite.